Xoar Carbon Fiber Props

Xoar Carbon Fiber Props Main

Xoar International is a company with 40 years of experience in manufacturing propellers for both RC hobbyists and commercial applications, from RC airplanes and multirotors, to large industrial UAVs, powered parachutes and even ultralight aircraft . Xoar propellers have been known to the industry as one of the most efficient & stable propellers. After …

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Configure OpenPilot CC3D Evo

Configure OpenPilot CC3D Evo Main

The CC3D flight control board is one of the most popular open source controllers out there today, but getting it working properly poses a daunting task for those not familiar with it. The following is a simple tutorial that should help to cover the basics and get most …

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Parrot To Release Sequoia: Multi-Spectral Imaging Tool


Parrot revolutionizes precision agriculture with Sequoia: a miniaturized high-tech multispectral sensor, compatible with all civil drones. Crop management should evolve to become even more effective: it is necessary to know to better produce, improve its environmental performance, optimize its yield, save time, reduce expenses and …

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MaxAmps Bebop Lipo

MaxAmps Bebop Lipo Main

Parrot has made quite the name for themselves with their lineup of super-advanced electronics. Consumers can choose from their vast array of drones, automotive accessories and more. One of the most popular machines they produce is the Bebop drone. This little hot rod has been reviewed in Drones Magazine, …

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Low-Cost, Beginner Drone: Revell Nano Hexagon

Revell Nano Hexagon Main

Words: Jimmy Beckett, Photos: Doug Tong Anytime something shows up that I get to take out for a test and have some fun with, like the Nano Hexagon, I am always excited. This small RTF or Ready-To-Fly hexcopter looked pretty cool and with the flip feature, …

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Dutch Police To Train Birds To Take Down Unauthorized Drones


Now this is some amazing stuff right here. We’ve heard of birds of prey being used to keep birdstikes to a minimum at commercial airports, but this ingenious plan takes that use of said raptors to a whole other level. Imagine, if you will, …

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Hands On With The GoPro Hero4 Session

GoPro Hero4 Session Main

FIRST THINGS FIRST It’s small, really small. The Hero4 session comes in at a fraction of the size of the regular Hero Cameras. It has some significant changes as well to its operation. Swapping to a one button setting that controls everything is the first thing you …

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Blade Chroma Camera Drone

Blade Chroma Camera Drone Main

In this day and age, having the best photos and videos is a must on many social media feeds from personal to professional and more and more people are looking to capture those memorable moments now with the use of drones. However, the most dauting task is …

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KDE OneShot 125 Auto-Detecting ESC’s For FPV Racinguto-detectX droneX escX fpvX KDEX multirotorX oneshot


If you’re serious about getting the upper-hand during competition, these new ECS’s from KDE are just the ticket. For competition-level FPV racing, the latest firmware now includes auto-recognition of OneShot125, PWMSync500 and standard PWM throttle-control signals.  No switches or solder-tab modifications required, the ESC …

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Hubsan X4 Pro Deluxe Vehicle Week Video #5: Action Shots


Capping off our Vehicle Week focusing on the Hubsan X4 Pro Deluxe, we took this little marvel out for a few test flights. Stay tuned as we’ll be getting more in depth clips posted, but for now, enjoy. LINKS HOBBICO HUBSAN TOWER HOBBIES

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Hubsan X4 Pro Deluxe Vehicle Week Video #4: Waypoint Programming


The unique way in which the Hubsan X4 Pro accepts and flies via waypoints is quite revolutionary. Can you draw? If so, you can prep the X4 for autonomous flight.

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Hubsan X4 Pro Deluxe Vehicle Week Video #3: High Density LiPo


Hubsan X4 Pro Deluxe Vehicle Week Video #3: High Density LiPo. This is exactly how the wizards at Hubsan and Hobbico got the X4 to have 30 minute flight times.

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The Physics of Multirotor Drone Flight


Since there are no control surfaces on a typical multirotor, the only way you can maneuver the craft is by changing the speeds of the motors. This, in turn, changes the amount of thrust produced by the motors. This imbalance in thrust is what makes the craft deviate from a …

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